Japan donates $9millions to WFP to support over 200,000 people

WFP’s Acting Country Director Ms. Makena Walker (left), The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security Prof. Mathew Gordon Udo (middle), and the Ambassador of Japan to South Sudan, Mr. Tsutsumi Naohiro (right). (Photo Credit; Ephraim Modi D.S)

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The government of Japan has on Wednesday provided the World Food Program (WFP) with $3 million from the Japanese Food Assistance Grant and $6 million from Japan Emergency Grant that sums up to $9 million to support 200,000 people who are food insecure in South Sudan.

The donation was handed by the Ambassador of Japan to South Sudan Mr. Tsutsumi Naohiro and received by the Acting Director of WFP Ms. Makena Walker in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security Prof. Mathew Gordon Udo.

Speaking to the media, Amb. Naohiro highlighted that the grant is to realize the human security in the Country that will pave a way for a mutual cooperation in melting universal concerns.

“Japan attaches emerging partners to the realization of food security in South Sudan to further strengthen the bilateral collaboration in addressing global issues such as rural base international orders, global health and environment,” Amb. Naohiro said.

He added that the Country has insignificant and unrealized agricultural potential with abundant water resources and fertile soil that would be used for farming activities.

The Japanese Envoy to Juba also welcomed the extension of the transitional period for two years, saying it will enable the Country to complete the peace processes.

“My confidence remains unchanged for the extension of the transitional period, you will complete the whole process for a brighter future of the people of South Sudan,” he assured the undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture

Ms. Makena Walker, WFP’s Acting Country Director applauded the government of Japan for her generous contributions through WFP to the people of South Sudan.

“The contribution came at a critical time at a precedent need when a big population is struggling to put food on the table on regular basis,” she said.

She hinted that the situation is deteriorating even further with the impact of global crisis that Japan has been a consistent reliable partner supporting those mostly in need of support in South Sudan that enables WFP to reach thousands of vulnerable South Sudanese.

As needs rise across the globe, she said the WFP remains committed to reach those at far ends behind in the Country who are affected by inequalities, isolation, displacement, violence, climate, economic sorts particularly women, youths and children.  

Ms. Walker echoed that WFP is also working closely with the government of South Sudan, Japan and other partners to support peace and stability with the ultimate goal of reducing dependency on humanitarian assistance in the long run.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security Prof Mathew Gordon Udo said the government has allocated a bigger margin of the 2022-2023 Country’s annual budget to the agriculture and food security sector.

“The government has allocated 58 billion South Sudanese Pounds (ssp) to agricultural sector to increase productivity that will curve the situation of food insecurity,” Prof. Gordon revealed.

He also called on farmers to increase the cultivation since the Country has got a big land that can be good to produce more agricultural products.

South Sudan is facing the most challenging year in terms of food security and vulnerability since its independence.

The situation continue to deteriorate due to recurring shocks including the continuous sub-national and localized conflict, climate change depicted through three consecutive years of extensive flooding, drought mainly in the Equatoria region, population displacements and economic downfall which has been amplified by the significant increase in fuel and food prices following the Ukraine-Russia war.

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