Threatening is not the position of Juba City Council

By Adia Jildo

The Mayor of Juba City Council Michael Lado Allah-Jabu has reiterated a threatening statement from his subordinate saying the city council is not to threaten but to provide the city services as well as maintaining peace, order and public tranquility.

Earlier this week, the Juba City Deputy Mayor for Physical Infrastructure Thiik Thiik Mayardit issued a threatening statement in a video recorded message doing runs on social media.

The video that also featured in his twitter handle was threatening protestors and those who had the intention of following a peaceful protest from some youth about the hyperinflation in markets.

The deputy Mayor warned the protesters and the public that the country has no teargas; water cannon to disperse protesters but rather live bullets to scare them away.

In a statement to the media Wednesday morning, Mayor Allah-Jabu said Juba City Council doesn’t threaten people.

“That is not the position of Juba City Council. It is there to provide services to the people and to provide law and order and tranquility. Whenever there is protest of such kind, we apprehend the protestors and investigate the motive of the protest,” he underscored.

He said the protest was made with bad intention for destructions as the protestors had started to burn car tyres and carried slogans inciting the mass which the Joint Security Organs tried to rescue.

“We as the authority will always condone any peaceful co-existence in the city and,” he said.

The Mayor cautioned protest in public places that has huge gathering such as markets to be destructive as people will get destructed and scared of the event.

He called on the people to use the right channel to issue their grievances by sending their information to the local, State legislative assembly which later will be passed to the national legislative assembly for a solution to be derived.

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