City Council vows to punish town cattle roamers

Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, City Council Mayor-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The authority of Juba City Council has cautioned pastoralists who have taken advantage of using the town as their cattle stage and vowed to arrest any of them who will be caught and found roaming with cows in the city streets.

Recently, reports from drivers, pedestrians and business people indicated that most of the high ways in Juba have been experiencing blockages and constant high traffics as the cattle keepers move in escort of their cattle littering the roads with dungs.

The report pointed out Gumbo Sherikat, Kubri Haboba highway and Newsite as zones that are experiencing such practices.

Drivers reiterated that the occupancy of the highways by the cattle has contributed to delays as vehicles could take long duration waiting for the cattle to pass.

Others went as far as saying that freedom bridge hours’ after its inauguration was surrounded up by herds of cattle leaving dirt on the tarmac. 

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the Juba City Mayor H.W Michael Lado Allah Jabu said the issue of cattle roaming in the city is totally forbidden by the law and is punishable.

He added that the city council by-laws forbid availability of all sort of animals in the city terming it to be punishable by law and order but it has been very unfortunate that pastoralists have turned deaf ears to follow the city council by-laws.

“I have been receiving reports that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are complaining about the culture of cows blocking roads while crossing in the city. It is forbidden and not acceptable by law since people will be passing on the road and see cows passing. According to our by-laws it is not allowed for animals such as goats, cows, sheep and many others to be roaming in the city of Juba but it is very unfortunate that our people are not listening,” Allah-Jabu noted. 

He vowed that the city council would not compromise with any cattle keeper who shall stand against their decision taken within their competency since the mandate of the council defines absolute management of the city to the best level.

He pointed out that the comprehensive escort of the cattle by herders in most cases has been creating confusions to cyclists and drivers resulting into accidents.

“The management of the city council will implement or execute any activity through the law that lies within their competency. The cows sometimes confuse drivers on the road leading people into accidents and that is why the Juba City Council has come up with the regulations. We condemn the behavior of those people who come with their cows to the city. Cows are supposed to be outside the city where they can be looked after instead of occupying roads in the city,” he underlined.

The City Mayor further urged those cattle keepers bringing cows to the city to immediately avoid bringing them to the city or else face the law with immediate effect.

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