Minister cautions suspended national youth president

By Taban Henry

The national Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu has cautioned the chairperson of the National Youth Union to stop arrogance.

He made this to the media in a press conference as the country prepares to join the rest of the world in celebrating the International Youth Day that is due to be celebrated today 12th of August.

Earlier the South Sudan Minister of Youth and Sport Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu issued a ministerial order suspending the Chairperson of the South Sudan National Youth Union Gola Boyoi Gola, for allegedly writing suspicious letters to heads of other countries without following diplomatic protocol.

According to the order, the suspension came at the backdrop of the two alleged letters written to the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Deputy President of the Sudan Sovereign Council respectively which prompted the Minister of Youth and Sports to form a committee headed by the head of Youth Commission at the Ministry of Youth and Sports with members from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Security Service as well as from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster’s office.

Bol in a joint press conference cautioned the suspended National Youth Union Chairperson Gola Boyoi Gola to stop the act of arrogance citing that he had seen him in the foreign country representing the youth while under suspension.

“I am calling on the chairperson of youth to stop his arrogance because I have seen him in the foreign country representing the youth of South Sudan while on suspension and that is the part of arrogance that needs to be stopped,” he stated.

The Minister of Youth and Sports noted that Suspension does not mean dismissal and does not mean he is fighting him but he’s investigating what the Youth chairperson has denied saying the committee have come up, the findings will be revealed to the public very soon.

“I suspended the chairman two months ago and I formed an investigation committee on alleged two documents written to the Head of State, writing to the President of foreign country is the prerogative power of the head of State or a prime Minister if our system is a parliamentary system but the chairman of youth does not have that power even the Minister, the same thing is applicable to the Vice President. We formed a committee and the committee came up with its result and their findings are out before my table,” he disclosed.

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