Youth Union demands release of detained protesters

By Taban Henry

The Secretary General of the South Sudan National Youth Union is calling for the release of the detained journalists and the other four protesters arrested after they protested over the increasing prices of commodities in the market.

This came as the country prepares to join the world to celebrate the World International Youth Day that is due to take place today 12th August 2022.

On Sunday last week at least 4 protesters and a journalist were arrested and detained after staging a peaceful protest at KonyoKonyo market.

Beng Khomboor the Secretary for External Affairs of the South Sudan National Youth Union said, the youth are not happy of the arrest of the protesters by the security.

“The young people are not happy and you could see what is happening on social media and I wanted to use this platform to appeal to the IGP to release all the Journalists that are still in custody because freedom of press is not a crime they must be released, unconditional release,” he appealed.

“I don’t see any crime that they have committed in doing what they should do and it’s true that things in the market are going up, are we not really suffering how is the price of the simple thing like sugar and beans wherever you eat daily the price of the bread, the water itself, everything has gone up and young people are not happy,” Khomboor added.

He stressed that youth in South Sudan are facing a lot of challenges such as unemployment adding that the country has a lot of graduates graduating every time.

The National Youth Union Secretary of Eternal Relations said he learnt there is a huge number of South Sudanese students who graduated from Egypt as well as East Africa.

 “The government must do something on the prices of goods in the market and when we go on the road we are termed as criminals, beaten and arrested. It is our right to speak our mind but also let’s do it responsibly and it is our country nobody will come from outside to fix it for us,” he added.

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