Police in Jonglei nab three over civil disobedience

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By William Madouk Garang

Police in Jonglei State on Friday nabbed three people for allegedly having gone for general strike, Major – Daniel Majak Jonglei state police spokesperson confirmed.

On Thursday, about 500 civil servants have gone on a general strike over non-payment of their five-month salary arrears, the workers were led by Jonglei State Workers’ Trade Union.

The civil servants matched to the State Transitional Legislative Assembly and submitted their petition letter to the government chief whip in the State assembly.

Ibrahim Dhieu, the spokesperson of the Workers’ Trade Union told media earlier that workers laid down their tools in all government institutions effective Thursday. 

“On August 11, 2022, we declared a general strike in all government institutions and our demands are clear: we are claiming for salary arrears for five months for all government workers,” he told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper via phone from Bor.

He said they also called for the dissolution of the so-called ‘screening committee for payment arrears’ allegedly formed by the State government to resolve the pay strike. 

Maj. Majak, the State police spokesperson yesterday confirmed the arrest on phone interview, however, he declined to disclose the identity of people detained and the detail of their arrest saying that investigation is still ongoing.

“I will not tell you exactly what happen but I will confirm that we have arrested three civil servants, and I will not tell you any detail of the arrest,” he confirm to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

“Of course there have been some details but because of the investigation that’s why I will not tell you now,” he reserved.

However, Bior Ajuong, a member of State Workers’ Trade Union said last year governor Denay Jock refused to acknowledge the 100% salaries increment until Minister of Labour and his team went to clarify to him in Bor.

“From that time up to now Denay did not stop, he just continue to snatch away all the salary of civil servants that was the reason we went on strike yesterday [Thursday]”  

“Today [Friday] he arrested three people among us, the chairperson of Trade Union plus secretary and arrested also and chairperson of teachers’ union. They are right now in police custody,” Ajuong affirmed.

He claimed that police told them the arrest order was from above which is none other than governor, but he asserted their protest was a peaceful one and they didn’t cause any havoc.

“They are there in police custody because the rights were denied by governor of Jonglei Sate Denay Jock Chagor, Denay is denying the right of everybody”.

“We will never stop striking unless our right will be heard by the national government that’s why we cry so that national government hears suffering of the people,” Ajuong echoed.

“Let national government hear the suffering of people, the suffering of Jonglei State because we are too tired – we are too tired because our salary is not reaching us,” he reiterated.

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