We can’t reduce prices with our old stock

Commercial activities in one of the markets in Juba-Courtesy photo

By Bida Elly David

Senior merchants in Konyo-konyo, custom and Jebel markets have resisted to reduce prices of some essential goods before their old stocks finish and urged the government to organize a meeting with them for further deliberations on the matter.

This development came after series of complaints from citizens regarding the continuous market inflation that threw blames against national and international traders being key contributors to the hyper/skyrocketing prices in the market.

Recently, the government designated one crude oil cargo for payment of salaries arrears to resolve civil remuneration problems and the State chamber of commerce also advocated for the creation of cooperative units that would place the role of selling goods at cheaper prices to citizens at the residential areas.

The head of chamber of commerce also underscored the crippling future of the market as the market will continue to operate under free system based on monopoly dominion.

Speaking to No.1.Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Osman Ali, a trader specializing in sale of maize flour in one of the markets reiterated that the blames imposed on them by citizens was due to ignorance at the business sector.

“If the citizens could be business people, they would know the reasons for the rise and fall of commodity prices but it is very unfortunate that they are complaining out of experience just because they are final consumers but not the sellers” Ali said.

“We are facing number of business losses upon entry of our goods to the Country especially at the border which heavy custom duties have been prioritized’’ he added

The maize flour wholesaler however expressed words of sympathy to the citizens who really undergo effect of the current hyperinflation that emerged out of their intention but through the prevailing economic situation.

“We have not decided to increase prices of goods intentionally but business situation through heavy tariffs forced us to exercise imposition of additional prices to meet our gains at an accurate time. We really pity our citizens especially those under low income and wages,” he consoled.

On her part, Regina Viola, a vegetable seller said it is due to disorganized government policy that is why there is no market stability in the Country.

“Government does not have a clear policy to regulate the commercial and business sector such that other costs are minimized. If those at the top could monitor what is happening to traders in the market, they will realize that money is being over collected from traders by claimers who are not officially tariff agents,” she underscored.

“We want the authority to form a committee to oversee the market through thorough evaluation and punishment against violators. Citizens are blaming us for no reason, the issue is the policy that leaves market in danger,” she echoed.

The traders urged the government to let them finish their old stock with the prices formerly purchased with and work on serious tariff adjustment to salvage the runaway inflation.  

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