South Sudan Commemorates World Youth Day

By Akol Madut Ngong

South Sudan Peace Commission in partnership with the government of Sweden and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organized a one day Intergenerational Solidarity Seminar on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) Agenda in South Sudan under the theme: “Youth Dare for Peace” over the weekend to mark the World Youth Day.

The chairperson of South Sudan Peace Commission Chuol Rambang speaking on behalf of the government said there is need to for youth to be responsible through creating jobs such as opening schools, informal and formal to discourage the redundancy.

“How comes you are feeding 15 people with your salary? It is a corruption” you are taking money without good procedures,” I urge young people to make money in different ways rather than engaging on Facebook,” Rambang said.

Meanwhile the Executive Director for Empower Youth Africa, Garang Athian said they are looking forward on how to advance peace and security in South Sudan through networking to promote sustainable stability that can create more opportunities to the young generation.

“Agriculture and business need to be Promoted to local Community and to encourage local productions including local currency, maintain peace and security in the grassroots’ level, we are eyeing youth organization should be given priorities to promote peace and security across the country, we don’t want goods to be brought outside the country,” Athian said.

“Building skills, promotion of technical schools to strengthen labour market, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries should be approached because of improper management of cattle, lack of accountability, where is the entrepreneur for loans? Athian questioned.

The Executive Director of Salaam Junub, Bush Buse urged young people to abandon social media activities and take access to Google plus YouTube to gain more information of online training and acquire jobs through the internet.

Buse called on South Sudanese youth to stop fighting themselves and advised them to venture into creating jobs for themselves rather than engaging on social media and stop relying on external funds.

He urged leaders and stakeholders to ensure dissemination of the Revitalized Peace Agreement to give room to the young people.

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