India vows to strengthen bilateral ties with South Sudan

Vishnu Kumar Sharma, Indian Amb: to South Sudan-Photo Bida Elly

By Bida Elly David

The Indian Ambassador to South Sudan has reiterated his Country’s commitment to strengthen bilateral ties with South Sudan to boost economic and political growth between the two.

He made the statement during an event to mark the seventy fifth (75) celebration of their Country independence yesterday at the Indian Embassy which was attended by number of Indians national in Juba.

In a presidential speech read by the Indian Ambassador yesterday, the president of India Droup Adi Murmu underscored that they have been providing constructive support to South Sudan in their effort to ensure that implementation of the revitalized peace agreement materialized without blockages and vowed to strengthen their political and economic ties for better progress.

“We all are together in our endeavors to further strengthen the bilateral relations between India and South Sudan. To help the embassy as well as reach you faster and serve you better, I would request”

The president reiterated that despite being out of donor Countries, they were able to render humanitarian subsidies to South Sudan as a mechanism to assist the needy who have been impeded by numerous calamities.

She further said India has been training South Sudanese in several areas on capacity building thus resulting into numerous experience developments.

“India has been providing constructive support to South Sudan in its efforts to establish peace through implementation of the revitalized peace agreement. India, though not a donor Country has been in the forefront in providing humanitarian assistance to South Sudan in its honor of need. Currently, our focus is on capacity building of this new nation and over a thousand have benefited from Indian training programs,’’ she underscored.

Noting their achievements in South Sudan, president Droup in his speech said their bilateral engagement has deepened over the last six months where they have commissioned a hand pump projects at Mangala Internally Displaced camp and a six week long artificial limp fitment camp was organized to benefit 500 amputees.

“A diplomatic training course was organized in May for 31 South Sudanese diplomats in India and South Sudan has also joined Indian led initiative, Coalition for disaster resilient infrastructure and will benefit from advance research and technological know-how and innovations in the field of climate change which was attended by the vice president for economic cluster Dr. James Wani Igga jointly with the minister of health,’’ she cited.

She echoed that the bilateral relation between the two countries through the Indian embassy has made Indian exports to grow during the last financial year and urged South Sudan to continue working towards the implementation of the agreement to boost the Country’s peace and development.

In his part, Vishnu Kumar Sharma, the Indian Ambassador to South Sudan has reiterated words of gratitude to government of South Sudan for having maintained their relationship with India and pointed out their readiness to improve capacity building through empirical trainings to South Sudanese.

He said that the relationship between South Sudan and India would mark a foot step to boost developmental progress among them.

He called on the people of India in South Sudan to celebrate their 75th anniversary with cheers and harmony and underscored that they remained committed to maintain the spirit of harmony with the people of South Sudan.