President Kiir summons Governor Manytuil over extrajudicial killing

By William Madouk Garang 

President Salva Kiir is expected to hold a crucial meeting with the summoned Governor of Unity State, Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wecjang who landed at Juba International Airport yesterday.

Governor Dr. Manytuil has been summoned by President Kiir to answer some questions over the shocking extrajudicial killing in which suspected rebel commanders were executed by firing squad and another burnt alive in a grass-thatched hut.

Mary Ayen Majok, the first deputy speaker of the Council of States after meeting with the President on Monday, lauded the step taken by the President to summon the governor to Juba, citing that they want to see justice prevailing.

“They thanked H.E. the President for the steps he has taken to address the extrajudicial killings that happened in Mayom County, Unity State. Noting that the President had already summoned the governor of Unity State to Juba,” read part of the statement posted on the Official Presidential Facebook page.

“The Council of States is also adding its voice by condemning the actions of those responsible for taking the law into their own hands,” it added.

However, when contacted for comment Peter Portsix Bakuony the press Secretary in the office of Governor Manytuil denied that the governor was summoned by the President over the issue of extrajudicial killing.

According to him, every governor does report to President their state activities as well as general security situation every now and then.

“I don’t think that is true, because what I know so far is that the governor [Manytuil] travelled to Juba to brief President about the general security situation in Unity state like how other governors used to do,” Bakuony said.

“Maybe this information is coined by some liars or propagandists are the ones saying that, but what I know the governor will meet the President to brief him about the general security situation in Unity State,” he added.

Last week, soldiers were seen in a video executing the three suspected rebel captives via firing squad, while setting Brig. Gen. Gatluak Majiok Liey on fire in a hut to retaliate the killing of Mayom County commissioner.

South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) condemned the incident and distanced itself from the execution of rebel commanders saying that the army leadership was not behind the decision.

Major General Lul Ruai, the SSPDF spokesperson said an investigative committee would be formed to carefully probe the incident, and arrest those who masterminded fire shootings to be held accountable, but since then no progress has been seen in regards to the matter.

The Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs, Angelina Teny and the Information Minister, Michael Makuei Lueth also condemned the extrajudicial killings, asserting that the killing did not mount to justice, hence it’s unacceptable

The UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) also joined the government in condemning the extrajudicial killing and called for justice.

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