Police warn citizens against illegal protests

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justine, national police spokesperson-File photo

By Bida Elly David

The national police spokesperson has cautioned citizens amid steering random demonstration in the town and urged them to seek permission before executing the exercise as a legal mechanism to safeguard the act.

This development came following the registered number of demonstrations that have been transpiring in the city without the notice of the police that heads the civil department when coming to constitutional rights.

Last week, a number of protesters underwent interrogations after being apprehended upon claims of consistent inflation that broke down the market position with a high percentage of inelasticity resulting into unpredictable starvation of citizens in the city.

They said that the hyperinflation has fully dictated upon the disposable income of low income earning families since they couldn’t afford to buy essential goods that would stand to balance their standard of living.

The protesters upon waving peaceful demonstration were reportedly accused for not following legal measures to demonstrate despite the constitutional freedom that grants them full claims of their rights at all levels. They took the initiative upon tentative research; they carried on the nature of the market in relation to the income of some destitute families.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Daniel Justin, the national police spokesperson acknowledged that calm demonstration was a legal mandate of all the domiciles in the country and underscored that it should be exercised in a way that would favour the citizens but should not be instigated by people with deaf ears.

“We have not said that protest is wrong, it is right but has to be communicated to us the police department due to intruders. You know very well that the protest in Konyo-konyo was illegal and bad since number of intruders such as the street boys will get the chance to involve and with this, shops will be looted. This is the reason as to why you have to take permission from us first before you protest so that we protect you and go safely to your places,” he said.

Furthermore, he underscored that illegal demonstration would result into several calamities such as public insecurity as many would be injured, beaten and uncertain theft of things in the market by thieves and robbers would occur.

He echoed that legal demonstration would enable system and organized claims of rights by citizens that would result into positive changes in areas of concern as well as assure the government to correct some of the weaknesses that might have occurred due to lack of seriousness within the business sector.

He called on the citizens to carefully abstain listening to people who instigate riots and illegal demonstrations to create insecurity within the scope of the market as well as the country. Maj. Gen. Justin reiterated their commitment to listen to any citizen or group of concerned citizens who would present their grievances before the police authority for the purpose of legality and urged citizens to continue focusing in their income generating activities that would enhance improvement and balancing their standard of living. 

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