Lobong sanctions illegal possession of firearms in Ikwoto

Eastern Equatoria state Governor Louis Lobong Lojore/Courtesy photo

By Taban Henry

The Eastern Equatoria State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore on Tuesday sanctioned people against holding illicit firearms inside Ikwoto town.

Earlier this month at least two teachers and two humanitarian aid workers were killed along Tseretenya-Ikwoto road prompting Caritas Swiss to halt operations of their activities in Ikwoto town.

This came as the governor toured the region spreading the message of peace and ordering of cessation of hostilities in the County.

The governor issued an order during a public rally in the town of Ikwoto County on Tuesday morning saying the presence of illicit firearms in the hands of unauthorized persons fuelled conflict in the area.

Meanwhile the youth in the area blamed the politicians for fuelling the ongoing inter-communal violence in Ikwoto County.

A youth leader in the area appealed to the governor to advise the area elites to work together to stabilize the region.

However both the youth and women called on the government to reconcile them with Logir so that people can return to the former days of peace and unity among communities in Ikwoto County.

Meanwhile the paramount chief of Ikwoto County, Odong Joseph said ambushes along Ikwoto-Tseretenya road are the primary drivers of the current conflict in Ikwoto County.

Addressing hundreds of people in Ikwoto town on Tuesday Lobong urged the populations to denounce conflict and embrace the spirit of togetherness with their neighbours.

“You the youth let there be peace in Ikwoto County, lets refuse to be used all the time by those people who want to use you to achieve their selfish interest,” he stressed.

The Eastern Equatoria State governor called on people who fled the area to come back home and rebuild their lives.

“From today onwards, I have ordered that nobody should again walk with guns inside Ikwoto town, cattle raiders must cease from passing with raided cattle through the town of Ikwoto and nobody should be chased out of Ikwoto town,” Lobong directed.

It is worth noting that calm has returned to Ikwoto town and movement through the roads leading to the County headquarters has resumed and the locals who fled to the mountains have returned to the town and people from Logir have also started taking their goods to the market in Ikwoto.

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