Adil discourages tribalism amongst citizens

Emmanuel Adil Anthony, CES Governor-File photo

By Bida Elly David

The governor of Central Equatoria State has urged the citizens of Central Equatoria State as well as the Country at large to shun tribalism and work towards promoting peaceful co-existence among themselves for common purpose.

This development transpired during a meeting with the chief whip for the Council of States Kornelio Befo Kenyi who paid a courtesy visit in the State government secretariat this week.

The meeting between Befo and governor Adil deliberated much on constitutional mechanism through which residents in the Country especially in Central Equatoria could live in harmony among themselves without tribal discrimination and hatred.

Over the past years, tribalism has been regarded as one of the practices in the Country that triggered hatred, fights and discrimination among South Sudanese communities and above all, majority have been distorted as to why people remained segmented based on tribal perspective.

Thus governor Adil and Befo as concerned leaders proclaimed unity as one of the values that would bring people under one umbrella of friendliness and togetherness despite the cumulative hitches people go through.

Speaking during the meeting, Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony reiterated his commitment towards working closely with legislators in both the State and national parliament to foster peace and state cohesion as key prerequisites for sustainable development.

Furthermore, Adil underscored that their mandate as the State government is to ensure peaceful co-existence among communities through organizing conflict resolution to resolve hitching disputes.

He added that division among communities was one of the factors that hindered the progress of the State in various sectors leaving many people to suffer in a desperate situation.

At the same note governor Adil commended and congratulated Befo for the trust bestowed upon him to be appointed a member to the Council of States by the President of the Republic of South Sudan through his capabilities and potential in leadership.

In his remarks to the media, Kornelio Befo Kenyi, said the government chief whip at the Council of States also called on the citizens of Central Equatoria State to shun tribalism and embrace peace and unity as children of the State.

“I am urging the people of Central Equatoria State to shun tribalism and discrimination and embrace peace and unity for the common good as sons and daughters of the State to steer the State to the path of sustainable peace and development”.

“Killing and discrimination cannot help us attain sustainable development but if we live in harmony by avoiding discrimination, then Central Equatoria State will be a better place to live for all tribes. Let us be one and united,” Befo added.

He pointed out their constitutional mandate as the Council of States and legislatures to continue advising government on legislations and dispensing administrative justice in a very diligent manner as expected of them.

“Our mandate as legislatures is to play a constitutional role towards advising our governments on legislations and to dispense administrative justice in a very crucial and diligent manner,” he underscored.

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