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Prices of goods remain high amid dollar rise in Yei

By James Innocent

Traders of Darsalam market in Yei River County of Central Equatoria state grumble of constant prices of commodities in the market amid rise of dollar exchange rates in town, one of the traders known as Yaba Kawu-kawu said they are pushing up with the business despite the constant high dollar exchange rates.

“We as traders in Darsalam market, there is no change of prices in the commodities sold in the market since all of us as business people used to by our goods from Uganda and Juba where we use dollars for buying the commodities and now the dollar price is too high making it difficult for traders to run business,” he said.

Kawu-kawu pointed out that currently a hundred dollar is sixty five thousand South Sudanese pounds to sixty seven thousand South Sudanese pounds compared to Wednesday 17th of August in Juba, which is sixty eight thousand South Sudanese pounds and it’s problematic to get,” he pointed.

He further mentioned that vehicles carrying goods get stuck during the rainy season since they buy their goods in Uganda and Juba making transport means difficult since the Juba-Kaya road is not fully constructed yet.

“I also encourage young people to join business because the number of women doing business has increased in the market and I advise people to cultivate a lot so that the prices of goods reduce in the market,” he added.

Wod Jebel is another trader selling in Darsalam market, he stressed that the cooking oil has raised to twenty eight thousand South Sudanese pounds, beans increased to thirty thousand, and ten kilograms of maize dropped to four thousand SSP from six thousand South Sudanese pounds just because of the bad roads from Juba to Yei and I appeal to the traders to at least reduce the price of commodities in the market since agricultural goods have entered the market.

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