Students’ speaker refutes suspension by the president

Mamouch Deng, the Speaker of the South Sudan Students Union in Uganda (SSSU) –Courtesy Photo

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The Speaker of the South Sudan Students’ Union (SSSU) in Uganda Mamouch Deng has disregarded reports of his suspension as the head of the students’ parliament by President Gum Beny Machar who was ostensibly to have been impeached a month ago.

SSSU was formed about a decade ago and has been acting as a link between the government of South Sudan and South Sudanese students in Uganda.

In the early years of its formation, the government provided adequate financial support that covered all students in universities and colleges across Uganda.

However, battles have been and seen in its administration as report of impeachment of the Union president has taken on months ago which followed an alleged statement from the contradicted president relieving the speaker off his duties.

In a statement shared to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper by the speaker of the union, he refuted his purported suspension from office by the president.

The speaker cited a letter he said they saw on a Facebook page allegedly run by the supposedly impeached president himself indicating to have suspended the speaker.

“This is to clarify to the public that Gum Beny Machar was impeached and even he wasn’t the president, he has no legal capacity to suspend an elected leader,” Deng said.

“That is a broad day light miscarriage of the union constitution, he has no duty to do so as referred to article 11,” he added

The speaker said the hoodwink being given to administrative tribunal as described by the speaker should be stopped.

The speaker further described that the tribunal is quasi-judicial organ that is to operate independently and if it has anything near to adjudication should be merely an advice or reconciliation that absolutely has no power to suspend whatsoever the case as of article 41.

He said that what is happening is a diversion of public mind from evils and bad scenes in the union including corruption practiced by the president and the Secretary General Thon Makech, tribal politics that has seen the union divided and abused powers, amongst others.

Deng stated that the parliament would like to assure the public that the union is an independent body that will stick to rule of law and no one will play with it.

He therefore, vowed to explore all available means to bring the union to light.

Speaker Deng appealed to the public to treat all proclamations made by few members who are bribed by the president with contempt they deserve.

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