Council of States refute Manytuil’s impeachment claims

Governor of Unity State, Dr. Joseph Manytuil Nguen (Photo: Courtesy)

By William Madouk Garang

The Council of States has not cast vote of no confidence against governor of Unity State, Dr. Joseph Manytuil Nguen; the assembly spokesperson rebutted impeachment allegation. 

Yesterday, reports on social media claimed that the governor of Unity State Manytuil was impeached by the Council of States over the recent extrajudicial killings in Mayom County.

Reacting to the matter, Josephine Nakuru, Spokesperson of the Council of States refuted the claims, asserting that governor Manytuil was summoned to answer questions pertaining insecurity in the State.

“The impeachment is not true; we just summoned the governor to appear before the August House to answer some queries pertaining to the insecurity that is persistent in Unity State generally,” Nakuru countered the social media reports.  

“We have not yet come up with the concrete resolution – which the Council of the States has decided to pass a vote of no confidence against the governor, we have not taken that,” she refuted.

Lawmaker Nakuru stated that the House has not established the resolution pertaining insecurity issues in Unity State over two gruesome incidences that took place in Leer and Mayom counties respectively.

The MP cited that, the lower chamber of parliament rather tasked the head of the Specialized Security Committee to visit Unity State, do analyses and come back with tangible resolution which will be passed by the House before being submitted to President for his input and action.

 “If there is any action [to be taken], then maybe it’s upon now H.E the President of the Republic to take decision and the top leadership of the Country through the recommendation that will be given by the Council of  States,” she continued.

She further said they will first submit the request to the President and if there are resources available, then in two week times the Security committee will go to Unity State and conduct thorough investigation.

However, renowned activist Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) welcomed the impeachment, insisting that culprits from both sides should be held accountable.

“The perpetrators of the inhumane and degrading act from both conflicting parties should be held accountable for their unlawful act of extrajudicial killing of suspected killer of Mayom Commissioner or killing of the suspects” said Edmund.

The CEPO’s Executive Director urged the leaders of the country to positively respond to decision taken by lawmakers, adding that leaders shouldn’t embrace impunity but promote justice, accountability, rule of law and respect human right.

In early August, a video on social media saw soldiers executing the three suspected rebels via firing squad, while setting Brig. Gen. Gatluak Majiok Liey on fire in a hut to retaliate the killing of Mayom County commissioner.

The suspects were blindfolded before about a dozen soldiers who opened fire on them at the command of perceived senior officers.

The suspects were allegedly arrested by the Sudanese forces in connection to the killing of the Commissioner of Mayom County with 10 other people and were handed over to Unity State authorities after which they made their fate in a miserable way.

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