Mayor, commissioners given 72 hours to swear-in councilors or resign

The governor of Central Equatoria State, Emmanuel Adil Anthony (photo: Courtesy)

By William Madouk Garang

The six county Commissioners of Central Equatoria State and the Mayor of Juba City (JCC) have been given 72 hours ultimatum to swear-in county and city council councilors by Friday 26 August or tender resignation letter, this is a directive from the State governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony.

According to a circular, following the state cabinet meeting on tax harmonization discovered that tax irregularities between local, state and national governments happen due to lack of councilors.

“One of the major reported issues of irregularities on tax rate schedules, competence and collection is a result of absence of legislative council at local government institutions,” reads part of the statement addressed to county Commissioners and Mayor of Juba City.

The State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement, Moro Isaac Jenesio, said the State Cabinet has resolved for councilors to be sworn-in and if not sworn-in after days they should tender their resignation.  

“With this background, the council of ministers resolved that, County/JCC councilors must be sworn-in with immediate effect,” Jenesio said.

“Consequently, the governor has directed and warned that, the councilors must be sworn-in latest Friday August 26, 2022 without fail and that, any County Commissioner or Mayor of JCC who fails to respect this directive must tender his/her resignation,” he warned.

The South Sudan Local Government Act of 2009 as amended chapter (4) section (20) provides for the establishment of Local Government Councils.

Chapter (5) section (25) of the Act states that there shall Legislative Authority in each Local Government Council as the highest legislative in the Council; it further states that the legislative competence of the Local Government Council shall be vested in its Legislative Council in all matters assigned by the Act.

The Legislative Council shall exercise its legislative powers through enactment of by-laws assented County Commissioner, Mayor or Town Clerk, as the case maybe in accordance with the provisions of the act.

County Commissioners, City Mayor are assisted by the County Legislative Council and the City Legislative Council respectively in their governance structure at the Local Government level.

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