Public demands accountability for Jonglei missing detained protestors

By Taban Henry

The citizens in Jonglei state had raised an alarm demanding for an explanation from the state government regarding the detention and disappearance of the detained protestors from the police custody.

Earlier on Sunday, the Jonglei police commissioner confirmed that the missing leaders of the state workers union previously detained a week ago had escaped from detention with the help of the police officers on duty.

David Mayen Deng, Samuel Majier Looch and Ruben Matiop Mayol were arrested while leading protest demanding the payment of the five months’ salary arrears in Bor Town on August 12.

The three men are Chairperson of Workers’ Trade Union, Secretary General of the Workers Trade Union and the Chairperson of Teachers Union respectively.

In the statement released to the media on Wednesday, the Jonglei Civil Society Network called on the government to give a clear explanation regarding the detention and disappearance of the three detained protestors who are the leaders of the workers trade union.

“The families of the three civil servants have continued demanding for answers about the whereabouts of their loved ones. Equally, the members of the workers trade union continue to pressure the police and the government to release their colleagues. Yet on the other hand the police commissioner reports them as mysteriously missing in their custody, saying that they had escaped. Altogether, this has unfortunately created confusion and heightened fear for their safety amongst the public,” the statement reads in part.

The statement further hinted out that, it is on this ground, that they urge the government on the 18th of August to address the public in order to provide answers and clarity on the unhealthy rumors that are currently taking advantage of the silence of the government over the matter.

“It is our believe that, the more the government sleep over this issue of public concern, the more the public believe on the trending verified or unverified information. More so, the recent statement by the police commissioner over the disappearance (escape) has fueled doubts on how the government is handling this matter and hence, more confusion,” the statement added.

The statement explained that With acknowledgement of the government concerns over the matter, it is imperative that the state leadership urgently avails to the public the comprehensive explanation of what transpired after the arrest of the leaders of the civil servants on the 12th August and the way forward citing that the public is apparently consuming from a variety of informations and thus, an urgent need for an official version from the government on the same.   

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