Security silences Council of States on Monytuil’s tenacity

Josephine Nakuru, head of information committee-Photo Bida Elly

By Bida Elly David

The Council of States has failed to disclose the resolutions they had passed regarding the insecurity motion against the Unity State governor Dr. Joseph Monytuil saying they have been restricted by the security department not to reveal it until the President decides.

Recently the governor of Unity State, Dr. Joseph Monytuil was summoned by President Kiir to present a narrative regarding the continuous insecurity that remained trending in his State.

The catastrophic tragedies have led the Council of States to make a decision to pronounce a vote of no confidence against the governor which is yet to be analyzed and decided by the President.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Josephine Nakuru, the Chairperson for Information Committee and Members’ Affairs at the Council of States reiterated that they were told to pause the resolutions until they are told to execute it upon consideration by the head of the State.

“The resolutions are sensitive documents and as being sensitive, there is a unit responsible for all those things and as I am speaking right now, even the Council of States’ members were not exposed even to have access to these because these are insecurity issues report which is supposed to be dealt with by the committee for security and strictly with the administration,” she noted.

Nakuru said that presidential decision on the resolutions would determine the final results on the vote of no confidence against the governor since he is the final person to make decision.

 “We were exempted from all these things. And even me the chairperson of information, I insisted because it is my right as an information person to know what has been taking place and these details of the resolutions but as per other members, these documents are still sensitive and cannot be disclosed to you,” she asserted.

The Information chairperson and spokesperson of the Council of States stressed that the resolutions were recommended to the President of the republic for his consumption and decisions based on the recommendations that were given.

Nakuru further underscored that the pause of the resolutions did not define their position of withdrawal from pronouncing vote of no confidence against the governor rather to play a role on state’s affairs.

“We are not withdrawing from pronouncing vote of no confidence against the governor. We are not and we are honorable members of the Council of States. Our mandate is to oversee the States on how they are doing, what is affecting them securitywise and developmental issues. We are still gathering credible information and facts on whether these things are happening there or not. Our voices remain on no vote of confidence,’’ she hinted.

However, Nakuru said that the Council of States shall have a final press conference to inform the public about the outcome of their resolution.

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