Unified police forces told to rectify insecurity

Unified police trainees at Rejaf training center (photo by William M Garang)

By William Madouk Garang  

The Chief of Defense Forces, General Santino Deng Wol has called on unified police forces trainees at Rejaf police college to address irritating insecurity in Juba city and countrywide once they are graduated and deployed in few days.

Yesterday, the Joint Defense Board (JDB), a body tasked to exercise command and control over the necessary unified forces, visited Rejaf training center to assess and prepare and gave the expected code of conduct to the police cadres.   

Gen Wol, who is also the chairperson of the JDB said the police is one of the important security units that gives protection and thus called on forces to address insecurity starting with Juba.

“I have seen your number is enough, if you are graduated from the training center and get deployed in towns, the cleaning must start in Juba. So, that there will be no thieves to steal people’s property again,” Gen Wol told the trainees yesterday.

“So, you address the insecurity in the capital Juba and then continue to the other ten States that is your duty,” he added.

The head of army said the unified forces are now national army; they are not affiliated to any political party, asserting if anyone wants to be a politician let him remove the uniform.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), General Majak Akech urged the police forces to combat crimes once they are graduated, adding that criminals’ place is prison. 

“We have challenges, number one we have the issue of Toronto, Niggers and outlaws whom we call criminals, such people are not supposed to be roaming with citizens, their rightful place is prison,” Gen Akech said.

“With your number, I want you to speak to them with the language that they understand better and you know what I mean,” he addressed the unified police forces.

The IGP also stressed that arms in the hands of civilians should be collected and given to rightful owners the organized forces, asserting that illegal possession of guns is a security threat.

The Military official also urged some trainees that have not yet reported to their respective training center to continue with graduation practices, and to receive their uniforms.

Meanwhile the Director General of National Security Service (NSS) – Internal Security Bureau, General Akol Khor said the country has enough resources but hunger and tribalism that broke social fabric will not take the Country forward.

He challenged the trainees to put their loyalty to the country and never to be involved in malpractices, citing example that few officers use to sneak out aliens with large sum of money just because of petty cash.

General Ajak Deng Biar who is responsible for the training sites in Equatoria region, said the trainees have confronted numeral tests especially lack of medicines and urged the army leadership to prepare better ground for the second batch.

“These forces have stayed for long in this training center and they have faced a lot of difficulties, the difficulties can be seen in their bodies – they are supposed to graduate with a fit body but their fitness is weak because of challenges facing the country,” he lamented.

Gen Biar also added that 145 trainees had died at the center while training due to difficulties, and he drew the leaders’ attention to address those challenges so that phase two batch will not be in the same dilemma.

A trainee, whose identity remains anonymous, said they have been in the training site for long and they are now happy that the unity government has finally decided to graduate them.

“When graduation approaches even if you have dirty clothes covering your skin you will still be happy,” the trainee said.

“We have been tired all these time at the training sites but our government has remembered us today, and since our big people are here today I want to tell them thank you,” he added.

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