Committee fails to reveal findings on Kajo-Keji killings

The Bishop of Yei Catholic Diocese/Courtesy photo

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Yei who recently embarked on a pastoral mission to Kajo-Keji has urged the government to make public the investigative committee’s findings on the killing of three youth allegedly by the SSPDF soldiers.

On 26th May this year, South Sudan People’s Defence Force (SSPDF) were allegedly reported to have killed three young men in Kiri Boma of Kajo-Keji County.

The soldiers reportedly went to the area after locals notified them of a fellow soldier who was found dead while hanging on a tree.

Immediately, the government formed a community to investigate into the crime and to explore those behind the uncalled behaviour and bring them to face justice.

On 30 June, the adhoc committee tasked through a gubernatorial order on Kajo-Keji heinous acts tendered their report that was said to be an independent finding to Governor of Central Equatoria State Emmanuel Adil and since then the committee has not offered to the public their findings and recommendations.

Later, the mother of the two other young men murdered along committed suicide.

The Bishop of Yei Catholic Diocese Alex Lodiong Sakor Eyobo spoke on his own views to the media on Tuesday during a conference on his visit to Kajo keji County.

In his words, he said a committee has been formed and they have done their job and the authorities might be the ones who are not declaring the findings till date.

“I don’t know…the people who are responsible should be able to come out to the media and say we have presented our report to the authorities who are concerned about this particular issue,” he stressed.

He again echoed that it has happened several times in this Country that atrocities are committed and they keep saying that they are going to form a committee and once the investigation is done, the report is buried.

“There is this language that says we are going to bring this people who have done this to book, we have not seen those books for several times, the book continues to be accumulated and we don’t see them,” he said.

Lodiong stressed the books should be brought to the public and the public see whose names are written in the books.

The Bishop further termed the situation very uncalled for, for a very poor mother to the two of the three slain youth in Kiri, Kajo-Keji County to commit suicide possibly because of trauma she incurred on the murder of her children.

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