Tribalism can be best defined as segregating people in relation to anything for instance like resources, products, services, opportunities and the like because of the tribe that they are.

In our country, we have witnessed on many occasions time and again when somebody or people are being tribalistic for many various reasons. Many students have reported segregation in getting awarded with academic scholarships, getting employed because they belong to another tribe that the officials would not like to give the opportunity but would rather give it to their people of the same tribe.

It gets worse when people are killed because they are coming from another tribe. These tribal killings mercilessly and without reason happen simply because the perpetrator is offended by another of a different tribe.

But to endlessly cry because of our brothers and sisters who have been killed without reason but being of a different tribe for which the killer felt offended will not help but rather to de-campaign tribalism and spread the transforming message of love so that we live in harmony and peace with one other just like real countrymen and country women should be.

For the record, we have love soldiers who are spreading the powerful message of love and unity – discouraging tribalism and killing one another so that we grow and prosper form the many resources that the country has.        

Some of these good people spreading the good message like Lt. General Akol Koor, the Director General of the Internal Bureau of National Security should be celebrated. He said, “we have a big enemy and that is tribalism, it is an enemy because it divides people and can destroy South Sudan. We have resources and rain for 8 months and we are not benefiting from them because we are killing ourselves. Let it stop”.

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