Exercise your skills, talents for peace and sports

Peter Baptist, undersecretary, Ministry of youth and sports-Photo Bida Elly

By Bida Elly David

The Undersecretary in the National Ministry of Youth and Sports has called on youth to invest much effort towards supporting sports activities to enable global recognition of South Sudan in all aspects.

He also encouraged young people to demonstrate their talents and skills to define their potentials.

Speaking to the youth on Wednesday at Nyakuron Cultural Center, Peter Baptist, the Undersecretary of the national Ministry of Youth and Sports advised the young people not to give up despite the loopholes and challenges that passively impede their progress.

“Young people have the potential if an opportunity is given to perform thus they can excel. Some of us think we cannot deliver.”

“Some young people don’t believe in themselves and some of us don’t think we can deliver, some of us think we cannot be creative but I want to tell you today that as young people of South Sudan be proud since you are the same like anybody else, be proud like anybody else and you can deliver,” he said.

Baptist said the full participation in activities that would pave one’s way to guarantee success and prosperity should not be underrated in either ways.

“In spite of all these challenges, all difficulties are part of life since there are ups and down and good days and sad days but nothing is lasting. God has given us one grace and that is hope and things will change.”

“We need to address all challenges we face amicably as we move off the year 2022 and every youth must know what they should do to strengthen their potential in career development,” he said.

Peter further underscored readiness of the youth who fled the Country to refugee camps to return back and exercise their talents and skills in various areas for the development of the Country.

The undersecretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sports sated that out of 900,000 South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda, majority of them are youth who showed up their interest to return back home and start participating in sports and other activities.

“We were invited to attend women’s sports tournament for peaceful con-existence organized by the Federation of Ugandan Football Association (FUFA) with the support of JICA. In the tournament, special indication was given to our refugees in the camps especially young ladies between the ages from 15-19. Uganda is hosting. Six teams competed, three schools, two clubs and our team from the refugee camp. Uganda is hosting one hundred and twenty five million 125,000,000 refugees and 900,000 of them are South Sudanese,” he said.

Baptist noted that the young ladies conveyed their message of peace and urged the government to speedily work towards supporting youth in various aspects to enable the Country stand.     

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