Kajo-Keji Commissioner misses deadline to swear-in councilors

By Mary Poni

Things are looking unlikely for the Commissioner of Kajo-Keji County Kenyi Eresto to swear-in his councilors as directed by the State governor as he said mobilization of the candidates to be sworn-in was ongoing since Wednesday but complained of delayed communication.

Directives from Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony shook the six county commissioners of Central Equatoria State after a circular issued by the Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agencies based on the governor’s orders giving 72 hours ultimatum for the commissioners to swear in their councilors or resign.

Governor Adil commanded the Commissioners from the six Counties of Central Equatoria and the Mayor of Juba City to swear-in the legislative councilors by Friday 26 August or tender their resignation letters.

The Commissioner of Juba County, Charles Joseph Wani swore his councilors yesterday, however things looks uncertain for Kajo-Keji Commissioner, Kenyi Erasto Michael as he has already conceded to not beating the Friday 26th August deadline.

Erasto told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper via phone from Kajo-Keji that the information reached him late though he was already busy mobilizing the councilors who are yet to report to the County headquarters hall.

He said that, the councilors are not in one location, some of them are in Juba, others are in Kajo-Keji and at the camps however, he managed to get about three quarter while others are on their way to Kajo Keji.

According to Commissioner Erasto, the swearing-in is possibly going to happen if not on Friday, it will definitely happen on Saturday.

“The swearing-in could have taken place but because of the situation of insecurity, mobilization of resources and many other things happening in the State, had hindered most of the activities the State government is supposed to work on,” he stated.

“But now that the security threat has somehow normalized, I can assure the public that, the event will take place on Saturday and if some of the councilors won’t make it, still it will not stop those around while the absent ones will be sworn after,” he added.

“Right now we are pushing it to happen but if worse comes to worse, we will negotiate with them (State authority),” Erasto begged prior to elapse of the 72 hours ultimatum.

“We discussed the issues with the Minister of State to at least adjust the date just in case the stated date by the Governor failed, if worse comes to worst” he pleaded.

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