Governor Akeen, his Finance Minister accused of corruption

The Governor of Northern Bhar el Ghazal State, Tong Akeen Ngor (photo by governor press unit)

By William Madouk Garang

The chairperson of Anti-corruption Commission in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, Aweil has accused the governor and his State Minister of Finance of embezzling public funds.

The Head of State Anti-corruption Commission, Anei Rok claimed that monthly collected accrued taxes of over 30 million pounds, enough to run the State institutions and Ministries are regarded as belonging to the governor and his Finance Minister respectively.

In a fact finding report by the commission seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Rok accused the head of the State gov’t and minister of Finance of hiding details of revenues.

“The national government grant to State government is about 260,000,000 SSP monthly which is able to finance all the officials and civil servants across Northern Bahr el-Ghazal which is being brought from the national government,” he said.

“Honorable. Members of Parliament and Hon. Executive plus civil servants are not monthly receiving the salaries which cannot show the nature of salary,” he added.

“And on that, there was no weekly commitment while the State has an amount of $317,000 USD PIT (personal income tax) 260, 000,000 SSP in national grant, and 30,000,000 SSP revenue collected monthly,” Rok continued.

The State of anti-corruption boss also revealed that some State cars meant for officials are being given to individuals who are not part of the government.

“It indicates that the State government gave out the cars without approval or procedures from the Council of Ministers and all constitutional post holders they are not well paid,” he alleged.

Rok also accused the State government of selling out allocated plot to several people at the same time including playgrounds by some officials who are responsible for land.

However, in his rebuttal, the State Minister of Information William Anyuon scoffed at claims labeled against the governor terming as ‘baseless’, asserting that they are going to meet in court.

“What we have received last month, a report from Ministry of Finance is that, he has gathered $57,000 as the monthly PIT that had been collected. But now he is talking of $317,000, so it was even my surprise and it’s also surprising everybody in the government,” the Minister said.

“The report is baseless, and as we speak now, we had a meeting and resolution came out that his immunity is going to be removed, so that he face the court and bring with him all evidence to proof that this things are reality and if not we will take measures immediately,” he added.

Minister Anyuon said the State Anti-corruption head has exaggerated the amount adding storage $60,000 collected annually is an amount that was never seen in state budgetary.

He denied that there are no government cars that are being used by individuals who are not part of the government but rather said vehicles are not enough and the plan to purchase more cars is in pipeline.

“I also don’t have government car but not only me; some of the ministers don’t even have cars. We have a plan – governor has a plan now to get some cars, at least 30 hard-tops to be purchased by the end of this week or next month, we have that promise,” Anyuon stated.

“On the issue of maintenance, there are complaints from the ministers because these are old cars and its maintenance is very difficult but we don’t have some other vehicles that are being used, I don’t think that is there,” he refuted the accusations.

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