JCC: SPLM-IG Councilor expelled from swearing in

By Mary Poni

An earlier appointed councilor on SPLM-IG ticket to the Juba City Legislative Council was yesterday kicked out from the swearing at Kator Block in Juba by security as he was prevented from taking the oath together with his colleagues.

The person was left with no option other than conceding to forceful eviction from the room without being offered some legal clarifications as to why he can’t take the oath. He was supposed to be among the councilors sworn in on Friday.

The odd man out, (to be councilor) tried to lodge an inquiry to the presiding authority for him to be educated if there was a legal document to show that he was legally expelled, unfortunately he was paid deaf ears and dragged out by security personnel.

The supposedly to be councilor was reportedly not allowed to be sworn in due to some reasons he could not talk about but rather best known by the city Mayor.

The Juba City Mayor Michael Lado Allah-Jabu in his remarks during the ceremony apologized for the weird behavior done by the disgruntle councilor to be, who he revealed was recalled by his party the SPLM-IG.

He said it was unfortunate that some of the City Legislative Council members have been recalled by their parties. Adding that, the inconvenience was one of the reasons for the swearing in not to happen at its best time.

According to Mayor Allah-Jabu, the member from the SPLM-IG who was barred from taking the oath was recalled back by his party but he resisted and walked in to the event, thus he was unable to proceed with the swearing in until the sidelined gentleman was asked to leave the hall.

“For your information, we called them to the office and told them of their recalls including other party members including South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) members,” the Mayor noted.

He thanked the SSOA party members who respected the recall by their members adding let it serve as an example to the other councilors who will be sworn in next time.

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