Close the loopholes in the revenue collection- Bakosoro

Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro, Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development –Courtesy Photo

By Akol Madut Ngong

The National Ministry of Public Service has appealed to the legislatures to establish laws that will control and close holes which money fall in, closing all the windows that are broken.

This was revealed yesterday during the sitting of economic cluster chaired by the standing specialist committee of economic.  

Addressing the legislature, Joseph Bangazi Bakosoro, the Minister of Public Service said what we can do to alleviate the suffering of our civil servants and the organized forces, grade 17 and grade 1; it is good to increase the salary.

Bakosoro added increasing the salaries means raising the expectation of civil servants and the organized forces to very high, “if we as a government is unable to pay a regular salaries, a small one we are getting now, grade 17 is getting 8 USD and a private in organized forces is getting 5 USD, If you are unable to pay regular salaries of civil servants with that small money, what are we going to do? Suppose we raise to 100%?” he questioned.

“What was passed, being the same budget, the increment was 100% that means if you are getting 2000 is equal to 4000 SSP, the 100% is to double and any other rumor beside that, rumor is rumor,” he stated.

Joseph Bakosoro pointed out that, there are a lot of money in this country, there is a lot of money being collected, this are statements we are making but when you go to actual collection, do we see it in the government? That comes to the last information that despite the fact that we have a lot of money in the country, we have a weak institution to collects the fund.”

“Money has been collected, money is not going to the government, there are lots of loopholes within the system of collection and therefore, before we increase to the highest level, why don’t we close and tie those windows and doors and lock them and then money automatically will go to the government account and now you will have a point to say why are you not paying the civil servants,” he stressed.

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