Governor Futuyo to hunt untrained soldiers after graduation

Western Equatoria State Governor Alfred Futuyo arriving in Yambio airstrip

By Alex Digi

The Government of Western Equatoria State over the weekend said they were going to hunt for some members of the armed group who will be left out in the cantonment areas after the graduation of Unified Forces.

The Transitional Government of National Unity scheduled Tuesday 30 August as a date for graduation of first batch of unified forces.

Speaking to journalists in Yambio after his arrival, Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba the Governor of Western Equatoria State said his government will not allow someone with gun or claim to be a soldier of certain group after the graduation and deployment of unified Forces.

The Governor said after the summoning of the second batch of the Necessary Unified Forces to the training centers is declared by the unity government he will make sure all the remaining forces in Baracks and Cantonment sites will be taken for training.

“I was in Juba and I have just arrived in the state, the state is peaceful and I give thanks to the people I handed the State responsibilities in their hand, the Acting Governor and Rt. Hon. Speaker of the State Assembly, I wish such Spirit of Unity should continue among our leadership, I also briefed them about my visit to Juba, I briefed them about the Graduation of Unified Forces and the Peace Conference we went for, everything was successful,” Gen. Futuyo said.

“Tomorrow (Tuesday) the unified forces are going to graduate, and the rest of the people who were left in Rangu, and other cantonment areas will be taken for training in Maridi because those who are going to be graduated will be brought and deployed in all those areas,” the governor noted.

“Whoever will not have new uniform of the current unified forces and remain in the area, we will arrest them, so let everyone be ready for training so that we have army of the nation to provide security to people to do their work well, citizens to cultivate, business to run well even our work as government will move well, and everyone will focus on Development,” he stressed.

Thousands of people gathered at Yambio airstrip with traditional dances to receive governor Futuyo who returned to the State capital Yambio yesterday after attending a consultative peace meeting in Juba.

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