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The Hard Rock that made the transitional Period extended is now broken   

By Kiden Stela Mandela

The issue of the unified forces had earlier grown to be a big challenge in a way that it stopped every step of the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement in the country. But today 30th, August has become true though only Squads of soldiers will symbolize the graduation forces in the country unifying the forces into a single army. That is a great thing that shows that one of the steps is finished in the implementation of the peace agreement soon the empty promises will be testified by our leaders.

It is good that earlier this month, the government finally announced 30th August as the date for the graduation of the long awaited graduation of the necessary unified forces after several empty promises were made to graduate the peace soldiers. This will be one of the achievements after the politicians pushed the translational period for 24 months which indicates 2years solid not because they don’t want peace but to finish some of the pending issues.

The great example is the Colonel who was murdered in Amiya Barak’s and now the war lords in Unity State. Soon trees will be the ones leaving in some States instead of fighting hunger. This process took long until even some businesses collapsed because the government was not paying the suppliers, also a number of people died because they could not afford treatment.

If at least 52,102 of the unified forces comprising the; Army, Police, Wildlife, Prison Service, Civil Defense and the National Security forces were screened and streamlined waiting for the graduation on the mentioned date, that is well done because issues to do with insecurity would reduce in the country. But one thing the country should know is whether the graduated forces may have their salaries at hand or in every month? Because if it is not there, then the insecurity remains a threat.

We are watching our leaders this time round if there will be issues to do with insecurity in the country after the graduation of the unified forces. Our leaders should have that heart of forgiving one another, continue to implement the other issues that pushed the implementation of the peace to 24 months and not to process based on their interest in the country and not to insist on the sanction. I don’t understand the work of the Reconstituted Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (RJMEC), IGAD in the country because one of the mandates is to oversee all aspects of the implementation of the peace Agreement like for example parties are still fighting one another, still crises are everywhere and the (RJMEC) are not condemning the acts.

These forces have been really suffering in the contentment sites they faced lack of food, medications and even some might be dying in the training centers some ended up throwing themselves in the river because of stress of just pushing the graduation from year to year without guarantee.

Thank God that today they are finally graduated.

I urge President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar not to prolong the graduation of the second batch of unified forces and put them under one command for the peace to progress and start another agenda. You just need to agree as brothers and solve your differences, don’t wait for the outsider.  Bravo! 

God Bless South Sudan.

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