Citizens express hopes over graduation of unified forces

Jubilant citizens showcasing their traditional dances at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum during the graduation of the Unified Forces yesterday (Photo: Akol Madut)

By Akol Madut Ngong

South Sudanese couldn’t hide their excitements any longer as they welcome the historical first phase graduation of the Unified Forces in Juba restoring their hopes in the political leadership willingness to implement the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Some of the citizens who flock to Dr. John Garang Mausoleum yesterday to witness the colorful graduation of the first batch of the unified forces expressed joy and hope that at last implementation of the security arrangement will restore genuine peace in the country.

Those who spoke to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper said they will now be able to go back to the villages to cultivate as they are hopeful that security will be guaranteed with the unified forces now being passed out from the training centers.

Semmee Rumbee, one of the citizens said “we came here to celebrate this colorful occasion that marks the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement and we are very grateful for this day because if the security sector is not set clear then there is doubt and now there is peace, security will prevail in our land”.

“As we are celebrating this day, we need to continue like that and everyone can go back to their villages, Payam and Bomas wherever they came from, we are appealing that let everyone be proud and based on this day, everything has to be right, we need to go to the villages and cultivate,” he said.

James Majok, another joyous citizen and a person living with disability said the occasion was a very good day that people are celebrating.

He said the graduation of the unified forces paints a good picture, adding that if there will be a very good salary, this national unified army will secure the Country.

Another citizen, Gak Koot Luk also expressed her gratitude saying with the graduation of the unified forces they are very happy and hope for prosperity and God’s blessing.

“We are expecting our almighty God to promote us ahead, to liberate our Country from violence to peace because we will be asking God to put us in a good live always and to close all windows of conflict, to close all doors of violence, and to give us ventilation of peace,” she prayed.

Koot stressed that the Almighty will give them the lasting peace, saying they have submitted their issues to Almighty father.

Meanwhile one of the members of the unified forces who couldn’t disclose his name said, they are no longer a tribal army or party affiliated army.

“We are a national army, we are mandated to protect the people of South Sudan, and we are mandated to protect the constitution and territories of the Country,” he vowed.

“There will be no more ambush, no unknown gunmen, no more rape cases and I hope there will be no people who will ambush travelers, there will be no killing even in Juba here, there will be no robberies or gangs, and this is what we are going to do,” he added.

“I’m calling on our citizens that be happy, the Country has come out from violence, the Country has come out from all forms of conflicts, the food gap will go based on the role and duties of the national army mandate and I’m assuring our citizens that don’t fear, no one will loot your properties and nobody will restrict your movements,” the unified forces graduate assured citizens.

John Malir Malual welcomed the graduation of the unified national army, and urged the government not to plunge the Country into political crisis again.

“We don’t want any problem again because we want our government to defend our territories in the Republic of South Sudan, we want our government to implement helpful policies,” he said.

The concerned citizen appealed to the government to deliver basic services to its citizens.

“We have problems that we want our government to address, we are suffering now, no roads, no water even schools, hospitals, we are not getting these services, the first priority our government need to provide is the connection of roads, people are now hungry, if there is road connectivity, when the roads are safe, goods can reach to ten States and people will not suffer,” Malir cited.

He called on the government to prioritize addressing issues of criminals killing people.

He further stated that they are now happy across the 10 States, hoping there will be no ambush; people are free to move anywhere.

“We are appreciating our President for what he has done with his first vice President of the Republic, today people will sleep and do whatever they do”.

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