Combat corruption to end low salaries

First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny/Courtesy photo

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny told the graduates of the unified forces yesterday to lead the way in the fight against corruption in order for them to improve their poor salaries.

He also instructed the Unified Forces to engage in various fields like Agriculture and improving the national parks, among others, citing that soldiers also do such.

Dr. Riek also acknowledged the low salaries of the organized forces in the country, adding that even the leaders are facing the same challenge of low salaries.

Speaking during the graduation of the first batch of Unified Forces, Dr. Riek stated that they were aware about various activities like cutting of woods that the soldiers are engaged in to makes ends meet.

He therefore urged members of the organized forces to actively participate in combating corruption.

“All our men and women in uniforms are making ends meet through going to the forest cutting wood to make ends meet, we are aware of that, we are also aware that your pay is low” adding, “and I don’t think it’s you alone, even we (leaders) have low salaries, but we must act together, combat corruption to help in the rise of your salary”.

“If you the Unified Forces lead the way then the rest shall follow,” Dr. Riek stated.

Dr. Riek’s call to the unified forces to take lead in the fight against corruption came after a civil society activist Mr. Edmund Yakani told the government to pay members of the unified organized forces handsomely in order to eliminate issues of unknown gunmen.

“These are good forces and if the government adds good amount of money into their pockets, the unknown gunmen will disappear in the Country whereas, inter-communal violence will also stop and that will only happen if their salaries are well paid,” Yakani told the government at the graduation ceremony yesterday.

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