Kitgum official apologizes for botching parish development fund

By Martha John Savio – Kitgum Uganda

Kitgum District Chairperson Mr. Arwai Christopher Obol has apologized on behalf of the district concerning the mismanagement of the parish development fund.

The Kitgum district Chairperson Mr. Arwai Christopher Obol yesterday called for a press conference afternoon with an aim of clearing up public doubt concerning the public fund issues that have been spreading in the district for the past two weeks.

The chair person said he was out of the district up to Tanzania for a study research but to his dismay on his return to office he got that 14 district officials were arrested including the chief administrative officer Mr.Joel Musisi.

The chairperson said he got lots of humiliation, abuses and bad comments from the community concerning the fund which was inappropriate from the community.

Mr. Arwai stressed that the district officials had implemented the fund without clear guidelines from the ministry of finance from Kampala which brought in a lot of public mistrust.

However, he said he remained quiet to cool down the community temper not until he decided to come up and talk on behalf of the district for apology.

He said leaders are appointed by God and should be directed by fellow men when they are failing to perform their duties as required.

Mr. Arwai further said that leaders should unite and be transparent so as to develop a community they lead and bridge up any misunderstanding to close communication gap among the populace.

Mr. Arwai consequently stated that the matter is not yet resolved though they are out on police bonds, investigation is still under way until comprehensive information is got pertaining the Parish development model funds however, the government project doesn’t stop, the populace fund will be given to them.

Conclusively the chair person appeals to whistle blowers to first investigate any matter arising maturely before rushing with issues anyhow without enough evidence.

Mr. Arwai also advised the media to balance up their stories before being published to create miss conception to the public.

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