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Defend the flag: You are not Oyee or Viva soldiers

Members of the unified forces during the graduation ceremony at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum (photo by William M Garang)

By William Madouk Garang

A renowned civil society activist has urged the newly graduated unified forces to defend the Country’s flag but not political parties’ interest, citing that let politicians under Kiir’s SPLM chant Oyee and Riek’s SPLM-IO hymn their own Viva.

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Mr. Edmund Yakani warned forces not to be allured to trap by politicians, stating that army’s loyalty is for Country.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony on Tuesday, Yakani told the unified forces that their oath of allegiance is for the nation and never to follow politicians’ footprint.

“When you took your oath, your allegiance is for the Republic of South Sudan. I am taking responsibility to communicate to you; that from today, you are not for Oyee! And you are not for Viva!” Yakani exclaimed.

“You are for the constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, take responsibility and show us that. And we want to make sure when politicians want to run to bush or they want to jump into the river or they want to fly to the air, don’t follow them with this uniform” he added.

Mr. Yakani said the uniforms are not for tribe, politicians but to protect the nation, asserting that if politicians disagreed they should resort to Parliament and Council of Ministers to resolve their matter.

“This uniform is for the nation not for tribes, this uniform is not for politicians this uniform is to protect the flag we are seeing up there, never ever allow yourself to be messed up by politicians,” he warned.

“If they disagree in parliament there, that is a House for them to reach consensus or Council of Ministers, and if they don’t want let them come and join us in the farming, we will welcome them to farm for our food security,” he highlighted.

The outspoken activist advised the unified forces to combat and bring to an end the unknown gunmen and offer security to South Sudanese citizens nationwide.

“As unified forces go out there, clear unknown gunmen. I am conscious some of them are around here when they see you now they say our business in done – no way out because you are ready to protect the citizen,” he stressed.

On Tuesday, the boss of CEPO, Edmund Yakani also called on the government to adjust the salary structure for the organized forces to give them motivation and eradicate unknown gunmen, and other crimes.

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