‘The forces have now been unified – you do not belong to any individual, party or group of people – you are Unified forces of the Republic of South Sudan,’ these were the common phrases that were said by most of the speakers at the graduation of the first batch of the necessary Unified Forces who had received training and were only left with graduation as the icing on the cake to convey a message of hope to the nation and the region at large.

For the most part, it was the national and regional key note speakers including the President and Vice Presidents who emphasized the importance of peace and unity and togetherness of the army as key to achieving their purpose and fulfilling their responsibility which includes defending the country’s people and her resources from external attacks among other duties.  

As a member of the East African community that we joined not so long ago, we have an obligation of ensuring that this region in which we are part of has good security so that we all as neighbors live and develop well without any security issues whether they be internal or external ones. Two heads are better than one they say but now imagine how much better it will be for us now that we are seven member countries of East African. We shall be great right!

Again, the message of unity shall be preached so that we all shall then know how to live and develop together as South Sudan, as East Africa and then as Africa.

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