Chief accuses Mundri East county commissioner of inadequate services

By John Sylvester Timba

A chief in Mundri East County of Western Equatoria State has publicly accused the authorities of Mundri East County for not doing enough in order to restore back the hope of development in the County.

Levis Kiropa made the remark last week on Friday during the function organized in Kediba in the honour of raising the national and county flag.

“Let the authorities not deceive us in the Payam let them tell the truth if there is no county here we need to know about it, we people of Mundri East have daily revenue collection and where is the money going why is the revenue not used for the development of our County

All that people hear about Mundri East is that no development is seen and even no single pit latrine seen here, the only pit latrine established by Some organization have been damaged into Hole where even Civilians fall into, what Law is that,” Chief Kriopa said.

However Chief Levis Kiropa added that they are going to give 10KM of land to Mundri East County Commissioner Margret Fozia to carryout necessary developments in the county.

While, in her response, Commissioner Margret Fozia Emmanuel says the downfall of the county’s failure to deliver basic services was because the chiefs are not given reports as required. However, Commissioner Margret Fozia calls on the traditional leaders in the county to cooperate with the county authorities so that the area can realize its development.” If Chiefs are not working I will not work also,” Margaret Fozia said.

Furthermore, Commissioner Margret Fozia said the efforts were underway with the road contracts to rehabilitate the main road that connects Mundri East County Headquarter with Amadi Junction.

The County government officials, representative of army generals as well as hundreds of citizens including Youths, Women, and elders attended the event. 

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