Juba Mayor regrets failure to collect garbage

Citizens at Hai Malakal blast city council over no response towards the dumping of garbage at their residential area 

By Taban Henry

The Juba City mayor has acknowledged and regretted the failure of the city council authorities to properly collect and manage garbage from across the city.

Speaking in an interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Mayor of Juba City Michael Lado Allah-Jabu said they regret their incapacity to provide good solid waste management services to the city residents and businesses.

“Anyone who has been harmed with this garbage especially the garbage put closer to their fences closer to the roads, we regret that and as authorities we are going to take the garbage from the sites,” he said.

The City Mayor stated that they were not going to allow the garbage to be brought to the roadside any longer.

He said effective this week they will start distributing plastic dustbins that are bigger enough that can continue to contain garbage for at least three days or a week until the garbage vehicle comes to the area to collect the garbage door to door .

“I moved around in order to see the accumulated garbage, of course this happened when our bag loaders aren’t there because when garbage is accumulated it requires bag loaders to load them because those are the biggest areas where our people bring garbage to and also with the graduation of our first unified forces for the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement the authorities of Juba City Council Concentrated so much on the main roads in Juba especially the ministries road, the airport, all the roadsides and the road leading to pyramid hotel” the Mayor said.

“We have been working hard to renovate those roads in collaboration with ARC Construction Company that is why this accumulation happened. They are not taken at the particular shift as required in our schedule,” he hinted.

Mayor Lado stressed that they have got the problem with the dumping area which is much accumulated adding that some individuals normally take their garbage there and there are a lot of companies that normally take garbage to the area citing that the dumping area along Juba-Yei road and Juba Nimule road are congested and it is blocked for some times.

He added that the garbage is not being put in order and the garbage is not being recycled also which has become so much accumulated.

“We are thinking of what to do with those garbage created mountains of solid waste which we don’t exactly know what to do with them, this is why I am trying to explore ways, if at all Juba City authorities could engage with partners that could educate us on how to recycle or how to have equipment in order to recycle the waste,” the mayor suggested.

Mayor Lado hinted that the East Africa Go Green is working very hard in order to maintain that garbage dumping area to see that it is easy to take waste there.

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