Three people reported missing in Bentiu PoC site

By Yien Gattuor Mead 

At least three people have been reported missing at the protection of civilians’ site (PoC) in Bentiu of Unity State on Wednesday night, that’s according to the chairperson of Bentiu Youth forum.

Mr. Kalany Bolis Kueth, the chairperson of Bentiu Youth Forum disclosed to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday that his family members have gone missing since Wednesday night after they were reportedly picked by security operatives in their houses in Bentiu PoC.

“The members of the family were taken from block six sector five (S5B6) and others were picked from Sector five block eight (S5B8). They gathered them in block six as they were waiting for vehicle to pick them to the western gate,” he said. 

Kueth said his family members who have gone missing overnight included; John Jal Yoal, Stephen Liep Tap and Gatwich Majak Deng, with exception of his pregnant wife Mrs. Teresa John Pouk, who was later dropped from the military vehicle. 

He stated that the three gentlemen were severely tortured including his pregnant wife, Teresa John who was also left in pain after being beaten by the security agents believed to have been sent by the security advisor.

“The three members have gone missing overnight after they were tortured for my sake. They are taken to unknown location by a vehicle branded with military (SSPDF) uniform,” he stated. 

“My wife by the name, Teresa John a pregnant mother was also beaten despite the fact that she is pregnant. Currently she is left under life threatening conditions because she was pushed down from the vehicle,” he added.

The Bentiu Youth Forum chairperson is now appealing to human rights activists and the State government to run to his rescue.

“I am now calling upon the human rights defenders and the government of Unity State to investigate the series of human right violations by the security organs to my family because this is the second time that such is happening to my family,” he appealed.

Kueth who told this paper that he is in a self-confinement accused members of the government security organs to have taken harmful step towards his family members. 

“I’m also under self-detention for the last two days in undisclosed location as they were eagerly looking for me. This is a call that my family is just being accused by the collaborators and unknown people whom I believe works in the government,” he revealed. 

“I’m a bit confused of why would my family members be tortured and taken to unknown location without reasons for their arrest,” wondered.

“I’m appealing to the security organs who have been influenced and forcefully pushed to my arrest including my family, you can equalize their case. They are innocent in the case they might be accused of,” Kueth added. 

The in-hiding chair of Bentiu Youth Forum said he would be grateful if his appeal to the government is taken into consideration. “I’m within the State and I’m not attached to any insurgence,” he pleaded not guilty of any crime that would warrant the authorities to hunt him. 

However the acting State Minister of Information and Communication who is the State Minister of Culture and Youth and Sports Mr. David Gai Jiejor said we (gov’t) don’t have information about that incident that reportedly happened last night. 

“We don’t do such a thing to arrest people, all they said isn’t true and those are lies, false information,” he said.

He instead urged the young people who are in Bentiu IDPs camp to not support ideas of political parties but rather engage in any development activities within the State.

Mr. Gai said the Unity State governor Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wejang cannot give directive to security organs to arrest people anyhow. 

The reported disappearance of the three men followed an earlier announcement by youth in Bentiu IDPs camp that they were going to stage some demonstrations over the acts of extrajudicial killings in Mayom County including the killing of the Commissioner of Mayom and dozen others.

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