Cabinet approves over 700m dollars for Juba-Rumbek road project

Courtesy photo

By Mary Poni

The Council of Ministers in their regular meeting on Friday deliberated on the report of the National Minister of Roads and Bridges.

They discussed on the Juba-Terekeka-Rumbek Highway project budget presented to the Cabinet.

The Minister of Information and Government’s spokesperson, Michael Makuei Lueth said the report prepared for the construction of the roads was done after the washout of some parts of the road section between Juba and Terekeka.

After the deliberation, the cabinet approved a budget of at least 736, 533,725 US dollars following the review of the highway design that was initially estimated to at a budget of 711,125,700 USD.

Makuei said a committee formed by Minister of Roads and Bridges, Simon Mijok Mijak to investigate the shoddy work by the company discovered that there were some shortcomings, the contract was technically not complete as there were some parts which went missing.

“After a thorough work, the committee came up with another new plan and ideas for the construction of the road and based on the new plan, the construction company called Shandong high speed Nile Company continued to proceed with the work and at least they have managed to reach Terekeka,” Makuei told reporters, Friday.

The government spokesperson also disclosed that, the bush clearance has started from Terekeka towards Yirol.

He however said, upon a thorough study, the committee found out that there were some items missing, including bridges, crossing points among others including compensation for those who will be affected by the construction of the road.

According to Michael, the company at the beginning said the initial cost of the project was $711,125,700 and after a thorough investigation and addition of other costs, the ministry found out that the actual contract should have been $736, 533,725 as the actual amount which was to finish the construction from Juba to Rumbek.

 He stated that the amount was approved and the distant covered so far is 63kms tarmacked, completed and in use as the work continues.

“The budget after deliberation was passed, the amount was approved and the Ministry of Finance is directly continuing to cooperate with the Ministry of Roads and Bridges to ensure the project is completed within the agreed time,” Makuei noted.

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