Kinji Secondary School construction resumes in Yei

Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, Commissioner of Yei River County launch the resumption of construction work at Kinji Secondary School in Yei on Friday (Photo: James Innocent)

By James Innocent Ali

Construction work at Kinji Secondary School has resumed after the Commissioner of Yei River County launched the project that had earlier came to a standstill at some point in the middle following its first launch by the governor of Central Equatoria State Emmanuel Adil Antony.

The Commissioner of Yei River County, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa said as they launch the resumption of the construction of the secondary school they need to remember that the money used for the construction belongs to the community.

He lauded Tamama Construction Company for accepting to complete Kinji Secondary School as they vowed to continue with the construction of the school until completion.

“We acknowledge you for what you have done Tamama Construction Company for accepting the start of the construction and I believe that you will endure with the same believe and determination to complete the government secondary school and our task as government is to follow cash and bring it to you as we started today we want to ensure that the director of education keeps monitoring the activity till it’s completed,” said commissioner Cyrus.

“The day is good for us to recognize the construction of schools that has been started by the government of Central Equatoria State and stopped in the middle due to the conflicts and we are here to relaunch it in order to continue with the construction as this construction has been for many schools within Central Equatoria State especially counties like Terekeka, Morobo, Yei , Lainya and Juba counties which some of them still remain unconstructed,” Juan Margret the education director for Yei River County said Friday morning.

The managing director for Tamama construction company Mawa Nixon assured their readiness towards the completion of Kinji secondary school construction project.

“We are ready to do the work as South Sudanese but at least since you are new administrators together with the governor of Central Equatoria State, my appeal is that the money should be released timely so that at least we are able to complete the construction of the sites,” he stated.

He underlined that in the previous years they were told to use their money and they used it up to 40%, where work stopped.

“We invested all the money we had only when we were told there is no money some of the people collapsed and some people are in prison while others their houses in Kajo-Keji were confiscated by banks because they borrowed money from the banks and we used money from our own businesses as we use our own resources so we appeal to the government to at least give us money in time so that the work is completed successfully,” Nixon urged.

Meanwhile Maria Kiden, one of the students from Kinji expressed her great joy on resumption of the construction work at the school.

 “What I see if construction is done in our school, we shall be happy since we used to eat our food under trees and when it rains our food becomes unsafe,” she said.

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