In the recently concluded graduation of the Necessary Unified Forces of South Sudan, the nation heard remarks from many speakers that were invited to give a word on that prestigious day for the Republic. These speeches came from the President, some of the Vice Presidents, some of the Ambassadors from the country’s global friends, civil society representation, president and representatives from some of the East African community. The whole panel was rich with people who gave the then graduands words of wisdom and to the people of South Sudan, the words of hope that with them, these forces will protect the country and work in unity.

Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) said a lot in connection to what the people; including the forces when he mentioned the need for the salaries of these important people to be increased so that they – as the people whose responsibility is to defend the lives the people of South Sudan and resources of the country are motivated to do their jobs well.

For every labourer out there, who is demotivated to do their duty by shortage of their salary, delay or complete neglect by their bosses, it gets very hard for them to carry on their duty. The newly graduated Unified Forces need to be provided their financial incentives in a bounty way not only because it is a thing that the people of South Sudan and the many resources are in their hands but because every labourer deserves to be rewarded.

“These are good forces and if the government adds good amount of money into their pockets, the unknown gunmen will disappear in the country whereas, inter-communal violence will also stop and that will only happen if their salaries are well paid” Yakani addressed the government on Tuesday.          

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