Fake future for original people!

By Malek Arol Dhieu 

How bright is the future being prepared by China? What if Chinese prepare our future in their own image? Small eyes, flat bottom, narrow face, short stature, depressed head, light-skinned, brown hair and alikeness of faces. Can such a foreign future be accepted by our ancestors?

In fact, we can’t allow our future to be prepared by someone who has a gene problem; it may look abnormal throughout the generations. Our future roads, bridges hospitals and schools are being built by Chinese when we have engineers capable of building anything, including the temple of God. Oh Jesus of Nazareth, may they fake our roads at daytime but make them original at night!

Chinese are courting our president to contract them build the presidential villa which is our future palace, if they win our president’s heart, are they not going to fake it the same way they faked the first segment of Bahr el Ghazal road which was completely washed away by only one rain? Lord Jesus, give us different contractors!

Again, how bright is the future being prepared by an Arab? Are Egyptians not Arabs? Around the table where the future of South Sudan is prepared, Egyptians are seen actively participating in the preparation more than other African countries.

When Ethiopians try to say you are wrongly preparing the future, Egyptians jump up seven meters, wanting to skin Ethiopians alive. United Arab Emirates! United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai! As China takes her portion, the biggest portion goes to Dubai for sale. I’m talking about oil! We are stronger towards Arab world than Western world, and one evidence is the resemblance of our sample villa with that of Saudi Arabia. The future is so foreign that our ancestral power rejects it. Though black, it’s our future. Though ugly, it’s our future! Why should our future be taken far for preparation?

Dear future owners, how will you achieve all your dreams with that stubborn future? Remember everything in China is a Kunfu master, including their trees. In short, everything kicks and boxes. Who will handle such a horse-like future? Besides being kickable, what about fakery by which China is known worldwide?

Fake future for original people! Our own future will be branded Asian-made or UAE-made, how original will it be? By the time South Sudanese realize they have been irreversibly de-economized to a nebulous point by China and United Arab Emirates, they would be so vulnerable and shameful to invite America re-grow them. Our forests were foodie and medicinal, our rivers were dredged naturally and our minerals were abundant, but when China came with secret exploration and extraction of other people’s property without their consent, our forests diminished, our rivers grew shallower and narrower and our minerals became scarce.
Our oil was juicy but when Chinese took control of it, its juiciness faded away, and that’s why 30,000 barrels go to China daily and the road seems to run retrogradely.
Look at how China allows loaning! How can someone who doesn’t have a guarantee be allowed to loan million times? South Sudan is rich in oil; that’s the only guarantee they have in their minds. Oil is natural and so, its looting will be terminated by a natural intervention! Take my word properly.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at or+211922332811.

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