Central Bank pledges to finance youth projects 

Dr. Addis Ababa Othow, first deputy of the Bank of South Sudan/Photo: Bida Elly

By Bida Elly David

The first deputy governor of the Bank of South Sudan had reiterated commitment to allocate financial resources to support South Sudan Young people who are enthusiastic to exercise their skills and appreciated Stanbic Bank for their firmness towards supporting the junior NBA league.

This development came during the signing of the memorandum of understanding between Lual Deng Foundation, Stanbic Bank and the NBA who demonstrated their will to improve and raise the Country’s junior NBA with the aim of creating an affirmative future for the basketball team.

Recently, South Sudan Basketball team brought home victory after their consecutive win against Egypt and Congo during the world cup qualifiers. The affirmative win flashed the people of South Sudan with happiness as they matched to receive the legends from the airport with million smiles on their faces.

The victory led into the materialization of the long paused concept note that was earlier placed before partners to support the upcoming NBA juniors at the circumference of the Country.

Speaking during the event on Thursday, Dr. Othow, the first deputy of the Central Bank appreciated Stanbic Bank for the corporate social responsibility and support to the coming national junior NBA league meant to bring up young players to represent the nation globally.

“We as Central bank are to ensure that young people are supported not only by nurturing their skills but also to finance them when you come to sports. I am grateful and we should ensure that we encourage other banks and follow the example that has been set by Stanbic Bank,” he said.

He said the collaboration between the partners to support the Country’s Junior NBA league was one way to enable other banks to look into themselves and develop projects to support young people.

“Sincerely I would like to thank you all but most importantly Stanbic Bank for what they call brand repositioning or Corporate social responsibility that they took upon themselves to ensure that they support their partnership with NBA Africa together with Lual Deng Foundation. You have indeed made us very proud,” he said.

He added that the performance of the nation basketball team had pleased the citizens as well as their leaders.

“What these partners did is an opportunity for other banks to look upon themselves also to come up with some projects, initiative that will help support the young people in this Country. The work they have done in a very short period of time has made us to be known everywhere and I really pray that the example that has been set by Stanbic Bank will be followed by other banks,” he said.

He added that it is the responsibility of young people to change the shape of South Sudan and move it to the global level.

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