Six killed, one injured in Torit

By Ijoo Bosco

At least six people have been confirmed dead, a child injured in a revenge attack involving two villages of Iloli and Oguruny over the weekend in Hiyala Payam of Torit County in Eastern Equatoria State on Friday

This came after suspected youth from Oguruny attacked local farmers in Iloli killing two which prompted the youth from Iloli to trace the footmarks to Oguruny killing three women and one man injuring a child.

Earlier this year, King David Oyalala conducted a peace conference uniting the people of Oguruny and Iloli to end hostilities which authorities said has been violated.

According to County authorities, the community of Iloli and Oguruny are accusing each other for inciting conflicts that have ruined the peaceful co-existence between the two communities.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Sunday, the Torit County Commissioner Jacob Atari Albano confirmed that the six people died in revenge killing that occurred on Friday at around 5 PM

“The Government is working hard to arrest the situation to ensure peace prevails among the two communities,” he said.

Ofere Sisto who is the sub chief of Iloli village confirms the incident saying the two people were killed in their gardens while scaring birds.

“The youth from Oguruny started the violence which angered the people of Iloli to counter react through revenge killing of three women and a man,” he said.

Meanwhile Otida who is the sub chief of Oguruny admits his youth started the killing that led to revenge attack from his neighboring village that claimed lives while the other sustained injuries.

He said such cases have been common between the neighboring villages that even surpass Government understanding.

For her part Davidika Ikai who is the acting chairlady of Eastern Equatoria State Women association condemns the killing of the women citing it as a total violation of women and child’s right.

She called on the two conflicting communities to desist from revenge killing and take legal measures in handling disputes.

“Torit County has been relatively peaceful in the last five months after the appointment of Jacob Atari as the commissioner under the OPP ticket before being confirmed by the presidency early last month,” she said.

She added that many citizens expressed joy and happiness after seeing them move freely around the most feared areas along Torit town to Kapoeta highway but rather  the trend seem to be changing nowadays.

However Oryema Emmanuel, a civil society activist based in Torit expressed optimism that, the necessary unified forces that the state government hope to graduate soon will help restore the security the unrest in Hiyala payam in particular.

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