The fact that the media is bringing to light something that the public already knew was happening should not be something criticized, after all the role of the media is to give the public information that someone else, an institution or body does not want to reveal to the public.

In this case adding a voice to the hideous act of students cheating in examinations should not be praised by anyone; especially by people who believe that South Sudan is on her path to being a great nation in the future after she has eradicated all the terrible lifestyles that are hindering us right now from developing.     

Minister Awut Deng Acuil’s concerns on media coverage on portrayal of education progress in the country are totally understandable however, the truth cannot be ruled out that our dear children are cheating in schools and that is why we are struggling with many poorly provided services in the nation.

Many people have reported mishandling by professionals because these professionals apparently do not know what to do. For instance, many citizens daily decry the fact that many patients in the health centres are left to die either simply because the guardians are unable to meet the financial needs required by the health centre or the professionals are actually not professional enough to handle the patients therefore leaving them for dead. Unfortunately, cheating in schools is still looked at as a normal thing here and with the quacks, the citizens still have many days to worry.      

“Let us not be negative all the time on education, let us get the right information so that we give that information to the public. I want to make it clear and I want the media to honestly talk about how best they can promote education, but not bring down education.” Awut said.

Excellence in education is great but also, calling out on examination malpractice should be plausible.

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