Gov’t declares war against school land grabbers

Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, Vice President for Service Cluster-File photo

By Bida Elly David

The Vice President for Service Cluster has showed commitment under his jurisdiction to punish anyone who attempts to grab any school land and banned the sale of government learning textbooks within the circumference of any market.

This development came following a comprehensive assessment exercise carried by his cluster on the current shapes of most schools in the country especially structures that took long without being renovated.

He has laid an empirical strategy to put down old structures in public institutions of learning for renovation and promised to demolish any type of building erected by bodies who played the game of owning public assets to serve their own interest.

The initiative was decided to reshape most of these schools that have been experiencing long term depreciation without being renovated to create sustainable and conducive learning environment to learners across the Country.

Speaking to the media, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, the Vice President for Service Cluster, said most public institutions of learning still run under old structures that would be risky for learners as they will collapse at any time and may discourage learners from attending classes.

Furthermore, he reiterated that land grabbers have established tentative structures within premises of public schools aiming to wage a grabbing strategy by force thus he declared a strategy to put down any building constructed within the circumference of any learning institution in the Country.

“We are going to inspect all public schools having structures being constructed by land grabbers who struggle to forcefully own them. I am telling them that we are going to crash them using bulldozers around the school and reshape the school old building to create sustainable learning environment to the learners. I want our learning environment to be sustainable and sustainable for our students and pupils,” he said.

In addition, he underscored that the exercise was a strategy to mitigate unnecessary encroachment by external body into what is owned by the education sector to accommodate the generation of South Sudan and their siblings.

However, Hussein never manifested the names and the number of schools containing the established structures by the intruders whom he termed to be public land grabbers.

At the same note, he said that no compromise shall be given to any public figure who shall claim any public asset through his position in the government especially in the ministry of education since public resources are specifically meant to benefit the entire nation but not individuals.

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