Head of Kuku Adungu Band succumbed to suicide

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By Taban Gabi

Dark shadow has eclipsed the Kajo-Keji Music Association (KKMA) as head of the Kuku Adungu band Sokiri Samuel succumbed to suicide in Mauna block 3.

The 30-year-old Sokiri best known by his stage name  8GB who is a carpenter by profession and a practicing folk musician breathed his last on Sunday night after he daggled his neck on a rope in a friend’s house.

Sokiri’s demise, according to a family member’s account Sube Hanan Musa, is attributed to a recent psychological distress.

The late is a resident of Shari Bateri (Veterinary Centre) but camped with a friend in Mauna block 3 area where he became a deceased.

Sube said his family doesn’t have a recorded past mental history “it’s a recent mental mixed up though we have never documented such situation in our family before,” he said without giving details.

Sokiri’s death came at the helm of KKMA rejuvenation that was evidenced by the recent Kajo-Keji Music festival held in Juba on the 2nd of July 2022 in which the late was a custodian.

Suke Sukari who is the chairperson of KKMA was present at the scene of the incident; he conveyed his heartfelt condolence to his music fraternity.

“Sokiri’s demise has left a very big gap in the community and music association of Kajo-Keji and it will take us time to find a replacement to fill his gap,” he said.

Suke however encouraged the family, friends and funs of Adungu music to be steadfast in their faith as they mourn the late.

 “Legends don’t die even if they do their spirit and music remains strong and let us continue to support the Adungu band,” he said.

As the police continue with investigation on the bereavement, local area leader of Mauna Block 3 Mr. Batali Godfrey Alfred heartens the family members to remain tranquil as details of the incident remain scanty.

“This morning I got a call from a resident of my area that, someone has committed suicide at night and when I reached the scene, I witnessed what happen and I had to call the police before we broke the door of the room where the late took his life,” he said.

Sokiri’s death brings to three people who have taken their lives through suicide in Mauna since 2020.

 “This has happen several times in my area but I encourage people in my area to report any situation to the law enforcement agents instead of taking their life,” Batali added.

Sadness and grieve could be spotted in the faces of mourners as women wail and men arriving at the scene bite their teeth and shake their heads in anguish as authorities remove the lifeless body from the rope.

Police personnel from Mauna police unit under the headship of first Lieutenant Bilali Ernato took charge of dismantling the emotionless body from the deadly rope. 

Bilal urged the family members to be very strong and avoid suspicious statements that will interfere with investigation.

Bilal reported two-suicide incidents on the same night with one in Nyakuron residential area.

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