Populace cautioned on cancer risk

By Martha John Savio, Kitgum Uganda

Medics have cautioned the populace to regularly take medical screening and monitor their health status so as to start early Cancer treatment.

This came during a press briefing yesterday at Bomah Hotel Kitgum by the Rotary Club.

Dr. Emmanuel Ogwal at Kitgum St. Joseph Hospital said, “Cancer is still a major threat to human life since it’s a silent disease killer that spreads gradually.”

Dr. Emmanuel stressed that, Cancer is caused by abnormal cells growth in the body, genetics background, some one’s history of being treated from Cancer, early exposure to sex, multiple sex partners, poor balance diet and lack of physical body fitness.

He further stated that there are over two hundred (200) types of Cancer which are anemia in children and in a week at least 10-15% are referred to St. Mary Lacur  Gulu.

Breast cancer. And cervical cancer that affect women at the age greater than 35-60 by 80% and prostate cancer that affects men by 40%.

Meanwhile, the secretary of Rotary Club Kitgum Mr.Venterino Otto advised residents to regularly screen for Cancer and other diseases so as to know their status of health and begin early treatment.

Mr. Veterino further said residents should eat good balance diet such as vegetable and fruits, avoid excessive use of tobacco and live a respectful way of life when it comes to sexual affairs.

However Mr. Ogik Dactus, a member of Rotary Club Kitgum said there are 1.4 million members of Rotary globally all over the world and over 40 Clubs nationally.

Mr. Dactus stated that the main Cancer Institute in Uganda are Lacur in Gulu, Mulago and Nysambiya Hospitals in Kampala.

Conclusively, Mr.Peter Abwola also a member of Kitgum Rotary Club said annually there are activities that are carried out like sale of various items organized by the Rotarians so as to fund raise and support the cancer institutions.

Yesterday was Cancer World Day but Kitgum postponed its commemoration for today.

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