Juba is safe and clean these days- CES official says

Taban Emmanuel, CES Minister of Parliamentary Affairs-Photo/Bida Elly

Bida Elly David

The Central Equatoria State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs said Juba has these days become safe security wise and environmentally clean for the citizens.

The State official urged development partners to engage young people to embark on sports and business activities to mitigate crimes and idleness.

This development came following a meeting regarding ways through which youth could be transformed through sports and businesses to enable them gain skills and experience to reduce idleness.

Last year, at least several cases regarding theft, night attacks, beatings and robbery have been registered by the authorities of the Juba city council after reports concerning insecurity in most areas have impeded lives and threatened majority of residents from exercising their activities.

Multiple testimonies were revealed by the council after shop keepers underwent several night robberies upon return from their commercial activities.

Foreign and domestic merchants in most of the residents complained about the continuous robbery of their goods by the gang of boys who waved a physical confrontation by collecting shop items by force.

Even though the authority in collaboration with the security organs tried to mitigate the situation many efforts are needed to enable youth to refrain from the wrong practices.

Speaking during the meeting, Taban Emmanuel, Central Equatoria State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs reiterated need to engage idle youth in sports and business activities as a mechanism to reduce crimes in the Country.

“Juba is safe and clean as you have realized the weather is so good these days. These days we are in a groundbreaking initiative through a strategic direction which has six pillars and out of it, we have the developmental aspect of it as well as the fifth pillar which is keeping Juba, green, clean and safe”.

“All of us know that we have Toronto, niggas in Juba simply because we are not keeping them busy as an idle man is said to be the workshop of the devil” he said.

He said Central Equatoria State in collaboration has come with an initiative to engage all street kids and other idle group on capacity building programs that would enable them to build skills in specific areas of concern.

“This initiative contributes into our programs taking off the street boys who might have become criminals and be turned into responsible citizens who can mean a lot to this Country.”

“Basketball being one of the activities to engage these boys would help them a lot to change. If our partners engage these young people, it will support us in fulfilling our six pillars to the strategic direction,” he noted.

The State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs urged young people to refrain in activities that would hinder their lives and excommunicate them from profiting facts about humanity.

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