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Authorities issue residents security alert ahead of FUFA games

By Martha John Savio, Kitgum Uganda

Authorities in Kitgum District of Uganda northern region have cautioned residence on security a head of Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) Drum.

The deputy Resident District Commissioner of Kitgum district Mr. Hajj Walire Marijan in a telephone interview with this reporter said security begins from one self and everyone should be security conscious.

Mr. Hajj added that local leaders should be vigilant in noticing any visitors that comes in to their jurisdiction even if one is related to them but have bad records should also be reported for the betterment of transparency at work.

The Deputy stressed out that during such events visitors tend to come up and some comes mainly with bad intentions of destructing social peaceful co-existence of the society.

He cautioned Hotels and bar management to close the business premises early and register in the visitors list of check in and check-out for easy tracking in case of any insecurity since some individuals comes in to take advantage of such situations and cause security threats.

Mr. Hajj further said, security will be deployed and incase during patrolling hours if one is caught they will serve as an example to the rest of insecurity threats individuals.

Meanwhile Mr. Ogonyo Lyec of Acholi Bur concurrently agreed with the deputy RDC, Kitgum district, adding that each individual is responsible for his or her own security before the police or concerned authorities come in to avert any situations that may arise.

He however assured the residents that security personnel will be deployed and all Business community should be united and work together with the security.

He then appealed to the populaces to be peaceful and support the players to win and grow in sports.

About a thousand people are expected to be in Kitgum on Friday for FUFA DRUM that will be played on the 11th September 2022.

The football Competition will be played in Kitgum Bomah Ground and the matches will be played among Acholi and Buganda teams.

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