Faith without work is dead. Work towards dream country

Just a few weeks after the Necessary Unified Forces were graduated; the country is still battling with many conflicts with several meeting their deaths in the hands of angry and conflicting men and women who have refused to denounce their evil ways to live in harmony with their neighbours like the Lord commanded us to.

The country winked at the time when the conflicts, revenge killings, unknown gunmen, cattle rustling and all gun related violence was at its peak in – one in hopes that the graduation of the necessary Unified Forces will bring significant change in the conflicts and violence that – one are drowning the country’s hopes of development in al sectors; keeping other factors like corruption constant.

Nonetheless, we are still looking forward to having a peaceful South Sudan in which we shall be able to freely live, work, dream and live according to our God given purpose. This all comes back to the question though; do you know your definitive purpose? We all have different purpose. It is a sole responsibility and that is why we have chefs, teachers, doctors, security personnel, musicians, pastors, politicians and all other careers that we have in this country.

In this regard therefore, we all have to make sure that we know what our sole purposes are so that we can altogether then support the Army, Police and all the forces that are responsible in keeping our country secure. But first, we should shun selfishness which breeds greed, hate, corruption and all evils that come with it. If you keep selfless, no one will use you to carry out their evil and selfish deeds in this great land.      

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